That Bigger Story

A wonderful insight from Dennis at Merging Traffic.
Its so easy to get absorbed in our own small story. The Bigger Story is there for all of us to rise to and claim.

Merging Traffic

Your story does not stand alone.
it is interwoven
with the stories of countless others,
affected by and affecting
the lives of persons you love
and persons you do not even know.
It is, furthermore, a page
in the book of the entire universe.
Name it as such
and dare to claim as your own,
that bigger story.

Ā© 2018 Dennis Ference

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9 Comments on “That Bigger Story

  1. Amazing poem and wonderful insight.. Many thanks for sharing Dennis’s Poem. So true, We are all of us part of the WHOLE Story. ā¤ Each one affecting the other, because we ultimately are one.

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