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“The gospel of self realization, once heard, will never be forgotten.
Like a seed left in the ground, it will wait for the right season and sprout and grow into a mighty tree.”

~ “I Am That” Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Self realization is a state in which an individual knows who they truly are and is fulfilled in that understanding.

What it means to each of us can vary.
For me, it manifested itself in an understanding that I am part of the loving Source within all beings and nature.

Others may call it a connection to God, or recognize that the Divine or Jesus is always within them. Yet, others may see it in a more scientific way, and consider it a fulfillment of all the possibilities of an individual’s personality and character.

Many of us have been Seekers for years. We have read ancient texts, taken up a practice such as meditation or yoga, and listened to the wisdom of modern enlightened sages.

We are told that when we reach self realization, we will have a happiness and peace.

At times we may doubt that we will ever reach that place within us. Yet, when we start to see ourselves differently and become less attached to how others perceive us, or are no longer interested in material things or status, then know that the seed is growing within us.

I found Yogapedia’s explanation of Self Realization helpful:

“It is said that once a person reaches Self-realization, their new vision and understanding of themselves brings them continuous, permanent happiness. It will also bring:

  • Equanimity to all circumstances
  • Inner peace
  • Freedom from all fears and anxieties
  • Deep spiritual fulfillment
  • Stronger, calmer relationships with others

Once a person reaches Self-realization, they are freed from their own desires and worldly attachments. They’re also liberated from external pressures, such as cultural and social expectations, or political and economic influences. They are beyond self-delusion and material attachments.

Self-realization involves letting go of many of the things that are associated with individual identity in order to find the true Self, which is eternal and unchanging. It is the difference between identifying with the ego and identifying with the true Self.

Practicing yoga is one means of achieving Self-realization. When used as part of a spiritual practice, yoga can help practitioners honor themselves, shed their egos, and reach a new state of awareness.”






31 thoughts on “For Spiritual Seekers

  1. While it sounds like an incredible mental place to reach, I’m not sure I am ready for it yet. In other words, I do not seek to be free from my desires and worldly attachments.

    Just my two-pennyworth!

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    • Thanks for sharing Paul. πŸ’• The interesting thing is that desires and attachment seem to fall away all by themselves. It isn’t as if its a goal to reach for with the mind, its more like an opening of the heart and a trusting that all is well, despite what the mind is saying.


  2. Yes, I think most people believe enlightenment to be for monks and sages. But you’ve nailed it here, β€œwhen we start to see ourselves differently and become less attached to how others perceive us, or are no longer interested in material things or status…” we are well on our way to self realization.

    Nicely done, Val. β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½πŸ’•

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      • For many of us anyway. It’s definitely an ephemeral state for me. But, as you note, that may be part and parcel of being human.

        Life is ~> transitory, transient, fleeting, passing, short-lived, momentary, brief, short . . . ephemeral. πŸ˜€

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