Clocks Forward – Its a New Day

It wasn’t easy getting up an hour earlier today. I woke up with Nina Simone’s song in my head to greet the new dawn. Β Its a slow start …. and I’m feeling good.


28 thoughts on “Clocks Forward – Its a New Day

  1. I woke up this morning to a surprise – no time change! I’m in the UK but have both US and UK calendar’s on my computer because the holidays are different. Yesterday I got a notification: Mother’s Day and Daylight Savings time tomorrow! Didn’t realize that Mother’s Day was the UK calendar and the time change was the US calendar!! oops. . . I thought I had the perfect excuse for getting up late!!!

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  2. What did man do before he invented time? Being late, having not enough time in the day, schedules,

    Time seems a double edge sword, the structure it provides is crucial but the stress and speed which we live our lives is counterproductive.

    When we Meditate time ceases, no?

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  3. I must admit I wasn’t too eager to greet the day (so early) but I’m loving the afternoon! I love the longer evenings. I guess the balance will win me over. πŸ™‚


  4. For the first time ever, I didn’t wake up one hour earlier. I woke up at the time I usually wake up according to my watch, which was still in “winter time”. Since I had one of my short spells of not watching/reading news, and there was no hubby to remind me, Dylan and I just slept….and enjoyed our morning one hour late πŸ™‚


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