Home Again

It is taking me some time to fully transition into being home after our vacation in Italy. We had many adventures into new places, and had a lot of fun in the discovery of life beyond the guide books. Good food and good wine always makes life more pleasurable of course!

where pine nuts come from

Don discovering where pint nuts come from

Greve wine festival –  fully embracing mind, body and chianti

Stepping out of the daily routine allows us to appreciate what we have left behind, and also to embrace what we bring with us.

Dogs and yoga go hand in hand

Inspiration in art

What is always at the center is gratitude and love.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with you all ❤️

58 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. I always think the perfect vacation is a refreshing chance to look at new wonders, see the world; and then a lovely return home to embrace what our daily lives offer. Looks like you had just that. Welcome home, Val.

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    • Thanks Dan. It was a lovely trip this year. Last year when we were there, we weren’t sure if it would be the last one for Don. This year we really celebrated life with old and new friends. There was a lot of gratitude and love ❤️

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  2. Val, so lovely to see you and your hubby had a wonderful time. There is something quite magical about Italy and the food, yes, something special. So pleased you had a wonderful holiday
    And I bet your four-legged friends were so pleased on your return.. 😀
    Sending LOVE and warm hugs your way
    As you settle back into your routines..
    Love ❤ Sue 💕

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