Life is an Adventure Not a Package Tour

“Life is an adventure, not a package tour.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Life is an adventure

Photo by Jas Poole

This is a great reminder for me today – especially as I will be leaving for Europe on vacation next week.

We are not going on a package tour, but I do want to be prepared and feel in control 😉

When we spend so much of our time planning and anticipating whatever obstacle might come up, its easy to miss the excitement of the unknown and the adventure of it all.

It’s like life…

Take a moment and consider “Am I approaching life with a Package Tour mindset or as an Adventure?”

Looking back on previous vacations, I recall that it was the unexpected that thrilled. Like the moment we followed an impulse instead of the GPS and found ourselves on a dirt track heading towards the clouds. Suddenly a golden eagle flew up in front of the car with a 3 foot snake in its mouth. We didn’t have time to photograph it, but the moment is imprinted in our brains forever. Now that could never be planned for!

Looking back on life, aren’t the moments that take our breath away, the ones we didn’t plan for…

The moments we feel really good about are the ones where we have met unexpected challenges and discovered inner strength and resourcefulness.

Or the moments where we let our guard down and let the love in, to be fully embraced and accepted for who we are.

Or moments of discovery and awe of something that was once unknown.

Life really is an adventure when we allow ourselves to let go of control and notice things as they unfold.

When I think about my vacation, I now ask myself “Can I let go more and allow the present to unfold?” Absolutely, now that I have my bug spray, sunscreen, contact lens solution, change of underwear, reading glasses, GPS and maps packed…

Haiku – vacation time

Bass Rock


Moments like jewels 

Where ever we may travel 

Mind and heart aglow


I am visiting family and friends in Scotland, and have just returned from a few days in Paris with Don and my Mum.

Hoping to capture more moments like jewels.


Haiku – springtime in Paris


Springtime in Paris.

Blossom filled walks on the Seine

Keep spring in our steps


As we end our jaunt in Paris, I am grateful for sunshine and comfortable shoes! Such a beautiful city to explore and nourish the artistic soul 💛

p.s. “Legs up the wall” pose was also appreciated every night.



Home Again

It is taking me some time to fully transition into being home after our vacation in Italy. We had many adventures into new places, and had a lot of fun in the discovery of life beyond the guide books. Good food and good wine always makes life more pleasurable of course!

where pine nuts come from

Don discovering where pint nuts come from

Greve wine festival –  fully embracing mind, body and chianti

Stepping out of the daily routine allows us to appreciate what we have left behind, and also to embrace what we bring with us.

Dogs and yoga go hand in hand

Inspiration in art

What is always at the center is gratitude and love.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with you all ❤️