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Wise words to reflect on today. Thanks Theresa.

Soul Gatherings

Freedom is not the absence of commitments,
but the ability to choose β€”
and commit myself to β€”
what is best for me.

~ Paulo Coelho ~

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13 Comments on “Today’s Quote

  1. Good quote, Val. Joining a cause that is not in line with our core values, attending a social function that doesn’t hold any appeal, striving to keep up with the Joneses => not a good use of our limited time.

    Moments of Freedom will never be given to you ~ you must take them.

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    • Agreed Nancy. It begins with being more tuned in and aware of what matters to us, rather than others. This is such a big step in our growth as adults … and humans! When we understand our core values, we can create our lives around them. And that feels so ood πŸ’›


  2. Yes, to be free ‘in spite of’ is true freedom. To be In the world (of human endeavors and baehaviors), even if not Of it. There is little choice if one is to discover true inner peace. Aloha, Val.

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  4. Good quote sometimes we think freedom is us running away from responsibility but actually it’s us giving ourself new responsibilities by doing new things

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  5. Yes! This! I’m so here! I took the “busy” out of my life – So while my life is just a busy as others, I’m not tired and worn out, because I’m doing what I want, what I love! Like you and Nancy were saying above, and aligning with our core values! Yes, love this!

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