wake up

“To awaken means to awaken out of the self-talk in the head because the self-talk is a form of hypnosis – self hypnosis.”

~ Eckhart Tolle

With awareness of  self talk, comes inquiry. What is your self talk telling you these days? Where is it guiding you?

Is it massaging fears… helping you cope with life’s challenges … or creating more stories and fantasies to get hooked on?

Be aware … and wary … of the stories you tell yourself.

Don’t be a somnambulist in your own life.

Wake up from the self talk in the head.

19 comments on “Pondering – Wake Up

  1. Very interesting. Did not realize it was self hypnosis Thanks for this.

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  2. Yup. Do NOT believe everything you think!

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  3. Yes ah the uncensored often critical voice. I seem to continue to do the dance, sometimes letting it be louder, then growing in myself and it becomes quiet. Thank you for your interesting post. Yes, let’s wake up! xx

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  4. Listening to self talk can be paralyzing. Excellent post!

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  5. Have become much more conscious of my self-talk these past few years and what a difference it has made! You can use it for good or for ill, no two ways about it. Thx Val!

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  6. thank you Val. Every moment is an opportunity to Self-remember. As I walk along the street I make it a habit to look up and remember that this material life with all its impulses and dramas is not who I am and then I take a deep breath of gratitude. Do not give those false egos an opportunity to take hold and drag you down. How much better it is to think love, to speak love, to be Love. Breathe from the heart and send love to all beings and walk in the light. Keep rising.

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  7. Engaging in meditation every day allows me act from the hearts impulse instead of from the mind. Eckart tole is an amazing spiritual teacher! He keeps everything very simple !

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  8. i’ll tell my
    self this
    as soon as
    he’s finished
    napping 🙂

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  10. Tell it to be quiet, and then flow with your life.

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  11. What do you mean with self-talk? Sometimes I talk to myself. What’s wrong with that?


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