* A Thousand Birds

This is a re-blog from Eddie Two Hawks. The words are Henry David Thoreau’s in 1852.

This is for all of us who face each day with hope ☀️I was reminded this morning before I rose, of those undescribed ambrosial mornings or summer which I can remember, when a thousand birds were heard gently twittering and ushering in the light, like…

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15 Comments on “* A Thousand Birds

  1. The noisiest migration we have is the Canadian geese. Although they no longer migrate, there are super ginormous groups that fly north in the spring and south in the fall. It is always amazing especially as they take turns to guide the group. (Just don’t stand under them! :))

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  2. Beautiful image. I love how you describe it. I am always up before sunrise, and right now it is the red-winged blackbirds that are just cacophonous. I do love birds.

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    • I wish the words were mind Mary, but they are Thoreau’s. This is a share from Eddie Two Hawks this morning.
      (The share isn’t showing as such …)
      Have a wonderful day!

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