* Inspiration – so simple

love is the answer


“All great problems demand great love.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~

Instead of bringing our analytical thinking to problems, think of how we could approach them by coming from a place of great love.

The right answer is not always found in the intellectual mind.

To solve the great problems in our world we need great love.

This is BIG folks!

35 Comments on “* Inspiration – so simple

  1. Val…I love this. I actually have a client that TODAY, will benefit from this beautiful and simple, yet powerful, message. πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh yes, so right Val.. When I look at all the displaced people of the world just wanting to belong.. A little love and compassion would go a long way to healing the ills of this world..
    Love sent your ways xx Sue

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  3. This really is BIG, Val! The head often leads us into problems while the heart coupled with intuition could have produced a perfect solution πŸ™‚

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