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save the world

“Our planet will be saved by women not men. Men think they can solve their problems through violence. Jesus, Gandhi and other great souls knew that men have no fear of violence – they’ve been killing since Cain and Abel. So they conquered men by acting like women. They brought yin to the planet, not more yang, and that’s how our planet will be saved.

You can do this too. Choose Yin. Start small. Decide to harm no living thing, including yourself, in thought, word or deed for one hour. Then extend it for two hours. Then perhaps for an entire morning.”

by Sister Mary Ann Kelley.
Taken from Soul To Soul by John Mundahl

This is such a strong statement by Sister Mary Ann.

It isn’t easy to choose yin over yang in a world that dismisses gentleness, and often sees softness as weakness. There is violence everywhere – in a world at war, the news, sports, entertainment and the media. In the words we hear and use, and even in our self talk.

yinyang symbole

Yang is everywhere. Yet as the Yin Yang symbol shows, both are a part of the natural balance of life.

I like to think that choosing Yin brings the world back into balance.

35 thoughts on “* Choose Yin

  1. I wonder Val, whether you might agree that once we begin to tap into our authentic nature, going behind the appearances we put on to ourselves and others, that in fact typified gender distinctions begin to dissolve? I am rather uncertain about Sister Mary Ann’s assertion that Jesus and Ghandi were “acting like women”, and would instead think of it as them acting in accord with their true nature, which is the same nature as each and every one of us regardless of gender, and which if we allow it to be, then manifests in humility and compassion. One might argue that those traits are typically feminine, although I think that only holds water within the world of people who are yet to understand themselves beyond their inhabited and false identities. H โค

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    • Thank you Hariod for your insightful comment. I wanted this to be a bit controversial. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Sister Mary has her own perspective – which I think reflects her dualistic Catholic cloistered life. It seems to be an example of how our own environment and culture impacts how we see life. I don’t share her approach but I do agree with what she seeks. โค

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  2. I don’t think it will be saved by Mrs. Clinton!!! The world will be saved, I feel, when there is a balance of both female and mail energies, also when the heart takes its rightful place as the centre of our being, bringing to the forefront, true empathy, compassion, and a need to truly share. This is not only by the big guys, the one percenters, but at every level of society – even blogging.. Oh should I have said that? – “We are the change we need.” Gandhi… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • I love this Eve! You are so right. It isn’t about the female or male person at all, its about our inner qualities of being that are in balance. I recall Margaret Thatcher in the 1980’s UK. She started a war to get reelected and her political decisions brought a lot of hardship and violence in the country. We can all embrace the elements of yin within us. Thank you. xo

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  3. If only it could be thus. We need compassion for our Planet equally from men and women. I agree, however, that compassionate leadership is more likely to be in the hearts of women. Not exclusively, just more likely.

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  4. I’d rather think of it as Yin and Yang than men and women. I have know violent women too! Both men and women have measures of each and balance is key. Too much of either one may be detrimental, I think. โค
    Diana xo

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  5. Reblogged this on sonnische and commented:
    This post reminds us that women need not, must not, become more like men, adopt the swagger, aggression and rage modeled for us by the prototypical male. We bring unique strengths in our femaleness. As has been said, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

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  6. I would disagree with her interpretation of Yin-Yang. I interpret it to mean balance and the Yin/Yang represents weak/strong or passive/active existing in harmony and acting together. Its a quite an extrapolation from saying someone is strong and active to them becoming violent. Although I do agree that some people could do with more softness to restore some balance in their lives.

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    • I agree Elizabeth. I think her perspectives is interesting though as it reveals her own background and filters on how she sees the world of men and violence.
      The outcome is what we all want though – peace and harmony. ๐Ÿ’›

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  7. Val, my dear father use to say there are the gentle people who have the strength to heal those who are in need. He use to say my daughter was one of these souls. As she has grown I see how she effects people through gentleness. It is a blessing, my father was a wise man. His biggest word was Compassion we all need to give it out. I choose the yin a my life choice.

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  8. This is an interesting topic to discuss Val. In my practice, I see a lot of women who find it very difficult to nurture their mind body and spirit and connect to their feminine. Balanced Yin/Yang may be our natural state, but the reality is we need to work at nurturing this balance everyday within ourselves. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thankyou for reminding us to be aware.

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  9. Sounds great. I have a lot of yang energy but tapping back into my Yin always makes me feel better. I agree that the world needs more Yin energy.I will focus on sending out that energy. Thanks for an interesting article Val x

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