* Return to Nature

These words are from a really inspiring post by Christopher over at Creative by Nature. I encourage you to go and explore over there.

love nature

“Like a drug addict, modern technologically developed cultures don’t seem to know what to do, how to break the spell of our habitual fears, aggression and ignorance, how to transform the destructive thinking and behavior of a species out of balance with Nature.

Meanwhile, all around (and within) us the Universe moves to a different paradigm, a more natural and balanced beat. Our physical bodies function as a harmonious whole, all the cells and systems working together as one, in synch with the surrounding world.

yin tang of natureWe breathe in oxygen given to us by the trees, drink water from lakes and springs, take in materials from plants that grow in the earth, their leaves gathering energy from our local star, the sun. Every moment of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not, we live in unity and interdependence with the creative wisdom of the natural world.”

Christopher Chase

So many of us have forgotten who we are and have lost our way. Yet we are still all connected and part of nature and the universe.

May we wake up and appreciate all that we have been given … before doing irreparable damage to ourselves and the world.


21 thoughts on “* Return to Nature

  1. Val, I read an article yesterday which claimed that one week of electronic-free camping can cure the insomniac by resetting their internal clock with sunrise and sunset. Thanks for sharing these beautiful words and that amazing photo. ❀
    Diana xo

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