* Mantra for Today – thoughts

Today’s mantra is helpful when we notice we are creating stories about ourselves, situations and other people … Which means its helpful every moment of my days πŸ™‚

girl alone thinking


My thoughts are not the truth

(They are only my thoughts)

The truth lies beyond our thinking.

Take time to pause, meditate and sit with whatever is coming up for you.

Let your inner guide reveal the truth to you.

The answer is not in our heads, it is in our hearts.


15 Comments on “* Mantra for Today – thoughts

    • Thank you Kate. I always find this a time for reflection … and a re-frame when things aren’t going as expected. Glad it helped you today as well ❀


  1. This has been an important teaching for me this past week as I process some very difficult feelings about a family member who is affecting my life right now. As my feelings rise high, I remind myself that my heart knows the truth and is ready for it to be known. Thanks Val for your timely message


    • So glad this was timely for you Tree. Taking time to listen to our hearts and to be compassionate with ourselves is so important.
      Val x


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