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* Red Sox Win Brings Out Hidden Treasures

It was a surprising night last night! The Boston Red Sox won the World Series on their home ground. The last time was in 1918. WOW!  It was a great game! Don is a big fan and was glued to the TV. He rode the waves of hope, fear, hope, disappointment, and then the amazing high of winning. He felt the thrill of the great hits and catches. He was right there with every emotion surging through him.

Red Sox win World Series

What was special however, was not that the best team in the world won, but that he felt his brother’s presence right there with him. There was a sadness that Joe is no longer here to share in these moments, but also a heart warming surge of love and appreciation for his little brother and the times they had together. In the highs and lows of the game, this was his middle ground.

For me, the game was exciting, but what opened my heart was the shining appreciation and love in the eyes of the Red Sox team. Did anyone else notice all that love pouring out of Dustin Petroia?  They had come together from being the worst team in the league to being the best team. They could do it, not because they were the most talented and skilled, but because they respected and supported each other. After the posturing of conquering heroes, there was a softening and tenderness in them all. That’s what I will take away from the game.

Others may celebrate the victory, but I celebrate the love and connection in humankind.

Its is always there – through winning and losing. It is our middle ground.


5 comments on “* Red Sox Win Brings Out Hidden Treasures

  1. Was this going to be another “Go Red Soxs!!!” sports article?
    Wondered why you posted it. I know you so well, how could I have thought that???
    Lovely posting, my dear friend.


  2. Thanks Tisha 🙂 I’m always amazed at what comes up while I sleep!


  3. GREAT stuff Val…thanks fork sharing this!

    Sent from my iPad



  4. Wonderful yoga teacher and baseball fan? A perfect combination!


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