Dealing with Ego on a Spiritual Path

When we are on a spiritual path, the idea of ego becomes something to overcome and get past. It feels contrary to how we want to be in the world.
Its the part of ourselves that we would rather hide or deny rather than show. So we battle with it or suppress it…. or disguise it.

ego in disguise

Here are some examples from my own experience of an ego in disguise:
~ We see ourselves as knowledgeable and evolved…. so we don’t want to be seen as not knowing or caught up in our self image.
~ We see ourselves as spiritual beings who give a lot to others…. so we don’t want to appear selfish and put ourselves first.
~ We see ourselves as good people in a world of danger and mistrust… because the world is a place where things are out of our control and other people can harm or take advantage of us.

Does this sound familiar to you? Can you see the ego at play here – in our thoughts about how we don’t want to be.
That’s our ego in disguise.
We are creating a “better” ego to overcome the inferior one from the past.

The irony is that in order for us to evolve past our ego we need to get intimate with it and acknowledge it. If we want to truly evolve into a new level of consciousness then this is the place that must be embraced.

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When we look at the aspects of our ego, or our shadow side, and we feel resistance and discomfort … its a good thing.
Of course, this very human part of us doesn’t want to be looked at. Yet, when we accept is as a part of our experience, we begin to see it more clearly. We  feel it’s impact and see the power it has had over us for most of our lives … even now.

Being awake and conscious  and witnessing how our ego comes and goes is something that the most enlightened people are able to do.  It brings a smile and possibly a shrug. There is curiosity, compassion and detachment.

We cannot deny it just as the left needs the right, one side of a coin has to have the other, and  they cannot be separated from the other.

When we accept it and see it for what it is, it loses its power. We must embrace it in order for it to be no longer important as a driver in our lives.

If we continue to beat it up it will find ways to become more powerful in our thinking and stories about ourselves.

Be kind to your ego, so you can let it go and transform into your whole Being.


46 thoughts on “Dealing with Ego on a Spiritual Path

  1. Powerful post Val. Ego is a part of us just as much as our breath. It is an essential part of us — and eradicating it is impossible — being present to its voice is important — and as Jeff says, loving-kindness is key to create a more loving influence in our being present. ❤

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  2. Great insight

    This fictitious character is created for identity, not as the captain of our being.

    I envision my “Ego” as a ventriloquist dummy

    He is the one who thinks, who gets angry, pissed, envious, even adolescent needing approval.

    You can create a space between stimulus and response.

    We can talk about our Ego in third person.

    The other day I told a friend after a nasty comment, that my Ego was piss3d at him.

    He looked confused. Then I added, that’s his problem.

    We need not control or get rid of our ego, just use him/her as our servant.

    Give attention to the positive and ignore the negative

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  3. My ego has a great sense of humour, although she is a narcissist ha! I see her and love her all the same. The good thing now is that when she arises in me, I see her very clearly and find it easier not to get caught in her story. 👏💚💕

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  4. This is beautiful Val, we need to see both sides (+ and -) of our Ego, and I love how you say “…It brings a smile and possibly a shrug…” Being able to look at Ego with curiosity is something to strive for 🙂

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