The Insanity of the Human Condition


Wisdom from Adyashanti worth repeating. Written before 2016.

“In no way can I deny the insanity of the human condition. And yet, because there’s so much insanity, so much unconsciousness, it’s possible that there’s also the other side of it.

Life is always balancing itself out.

So, while all of this is happening, there’s also this undercurrent of people all over the place who have a deep and profound interest in the ultimate nature of reality in themselves—and they are realizing it!

Not only is that now happening among a wider variety and number of human beings, it’s also happening more and more outside of hierarchical institutions.

I think there’s something within all of this, something very authentic, that’s breaking down the barriers between every person and our ideas of what a spiritual person is. It’s sort of a silent, quiet revolution that’s happening.

But even though there’s a lot of awakening, I don’t know if that means we’re at the dawn of some beautiful renaissance age or that the human species will totally selfdestruct. I can see it going either way.

I do think that in our deepest heart we don’t actually want to contribute to the insanity around us. Our nature is, if anything, to be a contributor to sanity and wholeness, to bringing that into manifestation.”

~ Adyashanti

May we stop contributing to the insanity around us and come from our deepest heart.

Bring on the silent loving revolution towards wholeness.


27 thoughts on “The Insanity of the Human Condition

  1. The insanity of the human condition literally drove me insane. “How could one expect to live like this?” was my thought. This can’t be all there is… something’s not right.

    Loved the read, very well written. Thank you!

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  2. Oh how I appreciated all of these words and sentiments, Val. I see both the insanity and the sanity, fortunately, and so appreciate the encouragement here of staying focused on the “revolution towards wholeness.” My best to you, dear Val.

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  3. What a profound piece of truth this is Val.. and I too have been stepping away from the insane and reconnecting with my own sanity, that of LOVE and understanding we are the ones who have to step out of our human ” Conditioning!” and programming, and Unify in love and Harmony..
    Much love dear Val.. ❤ a timely post.. ❤

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