Blogger help – no email notifications from blogs I follow

Hi there, I could do with some help…

Have you experienced this? I no longer get email notifications via my Reader “blogs I follow”. (I am getting the RSS feeds)

To see who has posted I now have to go to my Reader.

And over the past few days I have found that not all the “blogs I follow” are showing up there.

On checking the forums there have been messages in the past, but none were resolved.

I miss getting notifications of your posts and being able to connect with ease!

Any techies out there who have a suggestion?

Thank you!

25 thoughts on “Blogger help – no email notifications from blogs I follow

  1. Email notifications seem incredibly fickle Val, and have done for many months. I rely on them myself, and almost never go to my reader. Just today I realised I had missed a post from John Hanagan, and I did so because I always make a point of looking to see what the previous post is on any site. Some people complain that they get unsubscribed completely, though I have only ever noticed sporadic failures of notifications.

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  2. Hi Val – I’ve not been experiencing any difficulties with email notifications. Have you chatted with or reached out to WordPress? I’ve always found them to be VERY helpful. Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy your posts here as well as on LinkedIn! πŸ™‚

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  3. Sorry to hear you’re having this problem, I suppose you already clicked on Blogs I Follow in the Dashboard and Settings? I depend completely on my Reader these days, just got used to going through them like this…

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  4. Sorry you are having difficulties connecting, Val. I have had “strange” hiccups at times with WP…they usually work themselves out. Have a safe and wonderful trip!! Maybe we will pass each other in the sunshine state! πŸ™‚

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  5. Val I can sympathise.. I just came from a blog I had not seen either in the emails or in the reader.. I usually try if possible to go from my email.. but the list is so long I know I miss many as I follow many. And if I am absent a couple of days the list grows longer..
    I know others have had similar problems Val.. and I know some that I have followed upon inspection as to why I have not had updates it seems I was unfollowed from them.. Yet I know I had not unfollowed them.. this has happened a lot to those who pay premiums to WP…

    I hope your problem can get sorted soon..

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  6. I have had this same problem for about 2 weeks. And I can’t help but wonder if it has something to do with the updates to my iPhone as I use it primarily. Plus I noticed I have to check into my Admin on WP to now view the blogs I follow, the app no longer shows them. Finally, I subscribe to my own blogs to see if they get into the reader. In the last month, they often don’t show up for 3-4 days post my posting them. I always know when there is a problem when people don’t reapond. I just haven’t figured out how to fix it. πŸ˜” I did see this today. So that’s good. πŸ’«

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