5 responses to “Reasons to Cry & Smile

    • I agree with you Don. There are times to really feel the sadness or challenge … and other times to smile with gratitude.
      Being vulnerable and allowing ourselves to feel pain as well as pleasure is a good thing! Smiling as a control pattern, diversion or denial of something uncomfortable is not.
      However …
      I posted this as it comes from someone with more than a “happy always” slant on life. He lives with severe challenges, yet finds time to smile and appreciate what he has and the world around him. Sometimes when we are in real pain and struggle, smiling can truly lift our spirits those around us.
      Especially when we have faced our reality and accepted it for what it is.
      Thank you for this check in Don. Val x


  1. I have a friend who every morning gives herself permission to cry for the world for ten minutes. she says that there is so much sadness and grief in the world — about which she can do nothing, that the only thing she can do is cry. And when she’s finished. she gets on with her day with a smile.


    • Thanks Louise for sharing this! It When there are challenges and difficulties outside of our control it’s a wonderful idea to give ourselves time and permission to cry for them…. and having connected with and released the energy, move on with our day.
      Val x


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