Sorrow and Delight

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“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”

~Kahlil Gibran

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the loss and sorrow. A part of us has been taught that this is somehow wrong, and we create stories to help us cope. We may get angry, resentful or vow never to put ourselves in that situation again. We resist these powerful feelings and try to escape them.

Yet it only takes a moment, a pause and perhaps a deep releasing sigh, to see that the source of this deep feeling is love.

Sorrow and love are interwoven because the two are always connected.

With our hearts open, there is yearning and longing. There is love here.

When we recognize that what we feel sad about, is really an opening of the heart, we can begin to smile in the knowing that we are alive and loving beings.
This is what makes us special.

There is Love Here

I started to write this post a few months ago, and forgot about it. When I came across it again, it brought back such a smile!

I am grateful to the committed and wonderful women and men who come to my yoga classes. Thank you for your openness, kindness and willingness to explore all aspects of your being. We touch each others hearts and souls … and have fun along the way. There is love here. 💕


love yoga

Today was a day that went beyond the ordinary. In yoga class there were my regular morning peeps and a wonderful woman coming up to the anniversary of her second hip replacement. When I asked the class about what they wanted to take care of, or what to open up to,  she said she wanted to be challenged.

Okay. Two things crossed my mind…

Firstly, she has an appointment with her orthopedics surgeon next week. “Do no harm! Keep her safe” was the message from my cautious teacher mind.

Secondly, she also has a birthday coming up and her family are coming into town. She deserves to feel special and alive. An other voice said “Give her the gift of experiencing something she hasn’t been able to do for several years. Let her feel supported and have fun! ”

So, to cut longer story short, we explored pigeon pose and all it variations with bolsters, blankets and blocks. It looked like a playground.
And it became one.
Others understood and felt connected to her experience, as they also tried out a different approach for themselves.

We breathed into the exploration and the opening of the body … and were surprised.
There was a lot of love in that room.


Supported pigeon pose

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There is Love Here

sun rising

There is Love Here

I feel the warm
embrace of spirit
flowing into me
from somewhere
I can’t see

There is love here, arising
inside me as naturally
as the sky brightens
before dawn – love
enough to fill all of us,
and some more besides.

The spontaneous grace
of the divine is moving
through the universe,
unfazed by fear or
obstacle of any kind,

Yes, its clear
there is love here.

Danna Faulds

A loving reminder for those who may have lost their way today.