A Mindful Question to Bring you Home

This is a re-post worth sharing, especially if you have a few moments right now. Enjoy!


As you begin to read this, choose whether you want to linger here for a mindful moment or skip by. Its up to you. Coming into the present moment and finding your Middle Ground is always a choice for you to make.

content man meditating

Welcome 💛

Make sure you are sitting comfortably with your feet on the floor. Let your hands rest. Let your body become relaxed. Let your shoulders come away from your ears. Perhaps do a slow mindful shoulder roll. Hhmm that felt good.

Check in with your jaw and make sure it isn’t clenching. Allow your face to soften  as you come into this moment. Allow your breath to be a soothing anchor.

Now ask yourself:

What is alive in me right now?

Tune in to feelings and sensations.

Listen to thoughts that come up…. without judgment.

Notice any longings. Be with any disappointments.

Allow any gratitude to blossom.

What is truly alive in you at this moment?

Can you be with it?

Give it space. Make friends with whatever comes up.

This is part of your own life energy. This is what is alive and it is you.

Let it show you what it needs today.

Perhaps not in words, but in feelings pictures and sensations.

Tune into your inner wisdom.

Sit with it for a while.


Footnote: This question is one of the core questions in NVC. I really appreciate the work of Robert Gonzales and  Marshall Rosenberg as part of the Non Violent Communication movement. They have their own methodology based on embracing the needs that we have as human beings; becoming observers rather than judgers; identifying the feelings that come up; showing empathy to others and to ourselves when our needs are not being met.

* Being There is Enough

being there

Sometimes all we can do is to be there for the other person …
Being present to their inner state, without judgment or temptation to fix.
Setting aside our own personal needs and urges to make things different or somehow “better”.
Attempting to evaluate the pieces and mould them into solutions that make sense.

In this place of being there, allow the strategic mind to quieten and open your heart.
Simply be with them in a shared sense of aching humanity.

In this vulnerable place, the life energy that flows through us all begins to expand and flow.
This knowing presence that acknowledges the sadness, loss and yearning.

Remember, within all of us is a deep longing for love and wholeness.
Trust that when you touch this tender place, the life energy will awaken and transform us all.
Let it flow.

All is well in its presence.


*Thanks to the work of Robert Gonzales and the NVC Living Compassion tribe ❤️



*Connected Once more

Here in the icy suburbs of Philadelphia, there have been major power outages with trees and limbs down. Our power came back on the first day, but my heart goes out to others who are still in the dark and cold. I’ve had 3 days without internet or being able to connect to others other than by cell phone.bird on icy branch

It has been an intriguing experiment to sit with a book instead of at my computer, and to play previously downloaded classes that I’d not got around to listening to. On the whole it’s been nourishing and relaxing…. but I have missed been able to connect with peeps around the world and to share my musings!

I’m so happy to be back 🙂

In the meantime I listened to a course on Self Compassion by Dr Kristen Neff from Sounds True and an interview with Sydney Banks on the Three Principles. I’ve dipped back into the Bhagavad Gita and practiced Non Violent Communication Beauty of Needs Energy Clearing with Robert Gonzales.

It has been pretty awesome. I continue to be amazed at the wisdom of others and the richness of learning around me. There has been a lot of spiritual and personal nurturing, especially around self compassion and how to help others be kind to themselves. As well as reflection and learning, it has also been a valuable time for self connection.

…. and now I feel my middle ground is complete with being able to connect with you and express myself once more!

virtual hug