* Haiku – breathing

breath in mystery


Breath in mystery

Breath out self doubt and judgments

Find this ebb and flow


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* Ego Blooming Blogging

I have been reading some beautiful, inspiring, challenging, reflective posts today. Catching up after the weekend. There is so much to appreciate from others.

And a part of me wants to be more eloquent and poetic. A true craftsman of words and reflections on life. A real artist.

And I feel a small contraction in my body. I am shrinking….

Judge Judy

In that moment I can practically see my judge take up the gown and gavel, rising up and then looking down at me.

“You really don’t compare with those other bloggers, do you?  Can’t you be better?”

And just then, I opened up a recent post on Soul Healing Art

Kim asks “What if your only “job” is to give love and receive love?”


case dismissed

Case dismissed


Heart open ❤ ❤ ❤

Dear ego, thank you for visiting.

Gratitude to Kim and all the peeps who share their love and speak from their heart and soul in the blogosphere.

Some of you are so darn good!

Love to all.

(Its my job)

Val x

p.s. Can’t help but wonder if you have experienced something like this? …..