* February 14th Anniversary

Today is not only a day to celebrate the love we have for those closest to us. It is also an anniversary of an event that changed my thinking  about the world I live in.

February 14th is the anniversary of the first photograph of the earth taken from outer space. This was the beginning of a whole new cosmic reality and appreciation of our planet and where we are in a much greater reality than we thought!

Through the observations of Carl Sagan we started to see a new frontier beyond the earth. We saw that we are a part of something more – and that we are a part of a cosmos interwoven with divinity.

planet earth in the universe

When I saw this little blue dot, my thinking shifted about how I saw myself and the world.

Oh boy!  I am not the center and commander of the universe! I am in fact very insignificant.

What I thought mattered to me in my world … became redundant and irrelevant in the reality of the cosmos.

Who knew?… I certainly didn’t learn this from my parents.. or from my teacher Miss Douglas in high school!

So please take just a few moments to join with me to embrace and appreciate our pale blue drop… and commit to breathing life into it, preserving it, informing others,  and coming together to meet the challenges that we all face to preserve it for the future.

We may appear to be insignificant, but I believe that each of us can make a difference in our own local sphere!