The Witness

witness consciousness

When I can be the witness
all manner of miracles occur-
old wounds heal, the past
reveals itself to be released,
present dramas play themselves
out without sinking emotional
talons into my soft skin. The
witness welcomes truth and
dares to meet reality on its
own terms, It is the ground
in which the seeds of
transformation take root
and finally flower. when
the witness is awake, the
lake of mind is still, and
in that mirrored surface,
I see my own true face as
Spirit smiling back at me.

Danna Faulds from Go in and In

These words settled in deeply today as I read them at the end of yoga class.

When we learn to become observers of ourselves – just noticing without judgment, we open the gateway to witness consciousness and inner transformation. Along with this self-awareness comes the contentment of just being here, alive, enjoying being present in this moment.