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Inspiration – Working Together

“Begin each morning by saying to yourself: Today I will meet people who are nosy, ungrateful, arrogant, deceitful, envious, and unsocial. They can’t help it—they are ignorant of the difference between good and bad. But I, who know the difference, also know that I…

Inspiration From an Old Man

“All I am is a little flesh and breath, plus mind. Put away entertainments, set aside distractions, and look at yourself as you truly are: blood and bones, a network of nerves and veins. Your breath is only air, sucked in one moment and…

* Inspiration in a Wine Glass

 This is what I came across in my wine glass today. Rich, satisfying and well balanced with a tantalizing after taste… These old Italians make wonderful wine and so much more! Now ain’t that the truth (?!)! …. LOL “Everything we hear is an…

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