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Altered being
cancer discovered
Embracing fear

Going home
inward journey
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meaningful nurture

Outcomes postponed
Questions resolved
Staying true

Unbelievable valiance
Wonderful extraordinary
You … without end

Happy Anniversary Don ❤️

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* Facing the unknown

The unknown can be a scary place to face.

facing the unknown

Our mind creates scenarios and one thought feeds an other… into distortion and fortune telling of disaster. We feel anxious, out of control and extremely vulnerable.

Yet, when we begin to experience the unknown, we start to believe we understand and feel more in control. “Yep – I can handle this after all. I can even be proud of myself for overcoming my fear.” It is a reassuring place to be…. until the next round.

So what can we do to ensure that we don’t keep going through the same anxiety and fear?

What works for me is to take myself into a quiet place and roll out my yoga mat.  I meditate and then allow my body to move through the emotions. My mat is like a magic carpet that takes me to a safe and loving place inside of me.
I believe that all emotions are energy, and when we are able to use our breathe and move our bodies in yoga, we allow the energy to move through us and release what is ready to be let go of.  It is a wonderful thing to be able to be present with everything that is going on and surrender to it in our body and mind using the breath.

Yet I also know that I am a fairly independent, grounded and spiritual person. I am a yogini. What helps me, may not work for others who have different perspectives and beliefs.

Today, I once again let go of wanting someone to be more like me. There is no right here, only finding a way to come together and help relieve suffering.

Others may find that distraction works well to keep the mind otherwise occupied. Action packed movies, car programs on cable TV and reruns of baseball games work well for someone I know. When the mind is distracted in this way, the body can relax and lets fear subside.
Compassion and reassurance from an other also brings comfort.

Ultimately, when we are in pain and struggling, it means so much to know we are cared about: a gentle touch from a loved one; a reassuring word from a friendly doctor;  a gesture of understanding from someone who has been through the same experience; a nurse with a sense of humor and warm knowing eyes; a friend who watches a movie with you.

Whether we find that feeling of love within ourselves or through connection to others, love really is the answer.

There is no right way to face the unknown and what lies ahead.
Finding the way to our own middle ground, where peace and love reside, can take many forms.