It’s Honey Time Again!

We have just bottled our second batch of Don Valley raw honey, and it is ready to go!

This is different from our early harvest of acacia honey from the black walnut trees. It has a variety of blossoms including tulip poplar and clover. It’s a fuller more floral honey than the early delicacy, but its still delicious and lighter than store bought.

Alas, there is no mailing to my distant friends as we don’t have plastic bottles.

This week, I will drop off some at Hummingbird Yoga and Massage in Bryn Mawr.

The price is $10 for a one pound bottle.

Please text me if you would like me to set aside some bottles for you and to arrange curbside pickup at our home in Newtown Square PA. My cell is 484 986 4074. Leave your name in case you aren’t on my contact list. Thanks!

The bees have had a rough year. We aren’t sure what has happened to diminish the numbers, but Don is working each hive to ensure the queens and their girls thrive!

Looking at the photo below from last year. We lost the big hive #3 in November and were able to build up hive #1 this Spring. Hive #1 seems to be struggling now as the brood and honey supply is patchy. It takes dedication, patience  and flexibility to maintain bees these days.honey bees

Busy Bees

img_0617-e1526592820845.jpgOur bees have been extra busy in the sunshine, after being cooped up for most of the lingering winter days, and the wetter Spring.

The recent burst of blossoms, however, has released lots of pollen for nourishing the new cells and larvae. With the warmth in the last couple of weeks, it is now a bumper time for the nectar flow! Nectar is used by the bees to make honey.

There is always a balance between ensuring there is food to support the new generations and storing reserves of honey for winter survival.

Looks like there is lots about, so we have added extra supers/ upper layers to encourage the bees to make and store more.

Hive one is doing okay. Hive two is very active and healthy. Hive three has a huge active population that needs more space – hence the penthouse appearance!

We will start harvesting honey in June and will share with our local friends in July 💛🐝🍯