My Garden Center

I am finding so much joy in my garden this Spring. It has been an abundant one for growth and blossoms.

It is my Center.

Luckily I haven’t had to go to many commercial garden centers, as everything seems to know how to magically fill in the space it has and how to express itself.

Such joy to nurture this and share 💛

Garden Update

For Eliza and others who are interested in what is happening in the garden right now!

The corydalis is bountiful on the back wall.


It has become a summer salad bar for missy deer.

We only have one deer left from a group that was very active last year. I see her hanging around the neighbor’s cat (!) She is not shy in her explorations and has already nibbled a trumpet vine and lower leaves of our cherry tree, as well as hostas close to the fence. This is the closest deer have come to the house.

She may be feeling lonely, but she is well fed. 💛

* Overseers of comings and goings

Overseers of comings and goings,

people gatherings, dogs doing their business.

There’s nothing behind the alert blankness

Yet their presence is here

A part of the landscape.

Contributors to play and lightness.

They move at night you know!

sheep in the garden

I love my sheep.