*Mantra for Today – transform

Our days can easily get out of hand when our mind is in overdrive. Its like driving a car with our foot pressed on the accelerator. Unsure where we are heading but driving hard to get somewhere.

car in overdrive

Our ego is in command “Keep pushing you’ll get there!”
Its voice is much louder than the small questioning inner voice  “Where are we going? … Is this the way to happiness?…”

In the state of overdrive we reinforce our habitual behaviors and thinking. There is no awareness of self, just a mindless mind running the show. Pretty scary eh?!

We have to pause in order to hear the small inner voice that comes from our heart and intuitive being. When we pause and become still we can hear it. As we listen, it becomes our guide on how to live our lives and find true happiness. The more we pause the more insights we have into ourselves and the world around us. The more creativity and inspiration opens up. We experience inner transformation and happiness.

So the next time you notice yourself as a mindless driver in overdrive, remember this mantra:

When I pause I transform

pause and transform

* Mantra for Today – how to be

This mantra works as a reminder and a guide to be yourself and be authentic in the world. If you are unsure about how to be…. then this is a powerful one to apply any time 🙂

Go on, give it a try today!

joyful girl

Express myself joyfully!

*Mantra for Today – stepping out of our comfort zone

This mantra is for when you find yourself holding back because you are taking on something new or stepping out of your comfort zone. You may be afraid of how you will be received, or how others will perceive you.

This is my “go to” mantra before having a difficult conversation, meeting new people, or stepping out into the unknown.

Instead of reacting to the fear by withdrawing or becoming tense and protective, this reminds me to open up and embrace the situation instead. It is my favorite!

waiting for courage






overcome fear

Compassion for myself and others. Open my heart to our common humanity. We all get nervous when we face the unknown and stretch ourselves. We are all human beings looking for reassurance and safety.

Curiosity about others. What is important to them? What do they care about? We are unique and interesting human beings, and we all want to be acknowledged and accepted just the way we are.

Connection. We are all human beings looking for love and understanding. Within each of us is a divine spark that already connects us in spirit.

When the heart opens, and the mind lets go, fear disappears.

When we live from this place of love, there is no fear, only connection.


Confidence is Very Attractive

Today’s mantra is for when you want to make a positive impact. If you are heading back to work after a break, or starting something new, this one is especially for you.

confidence is very attractive

Confidence is very attractive

This photograph reminds me of the times when we move from trying to become something, to embracing it fully. When we move from doubting or being insecure and then begin to own our abilities.

To me this puppy has progressed from learning to walk on his leash to knowing how to do it. He is owning it… and boy does he look good … and happy!

What a great lesson for all of us.

He is radiating joy in what he is doing and feeling good about himself.

He isn’t needing validation saying “Look at me.”

He isn’t doubting himself saying  “I’m not sure if I am any good.”

He’s saying “I am me.”

This kind of “knowing” self confidence is so attractive – to others and to ourselves.

Knowing who you are – your strengths, needs and core values – are the foundations for building confidence, and becoming attractive to yourself and others.

* Mantra for Today – thoughts

Today’s mantra is helpful when we notice we are creating stories about ourselves, situations and other people … Which means its helpful every moment of my days 🙂

girl alone thinking


My thoughts are not the truth

(They are only my thoughts)

The truth lies beyond our thinking.

Take time to pause, meditate and sit with whatever is coming up for you.

Let your inner guide reveal the truth to you.

The answer is not in our heads, it is in our hearts.


* Mantra for Today – direction

This mantra can really bring about a profound change in your thinking and give you valuable insight into the direction you are heading.

Use it when you not sure which way to go … are going round in circles … or are wanting to make the best choice.

Its time to apply one of the most powerful mantras I have in my mantra toolbox.

I think you are ready for this one …

cheesy grin


“Follow the grin”