* Mantra for Today – thoughts

Today’s mantra is helpful when we notice we are creating stories about ourselves, situations and other people … Which means its helpful every moment of my days 🙂

girl alone thinking


My thoughts are not the truth

(They are only my thoughts)

The truth lies beyond our thinking.

Take time to pause, meditate and sit with whatever is coming up for you.

Let your inner guide reveal the truth to you.

The answer is not in our heads, it is in our hearts.


* Mantra for Today – direction

This mantra can really bring about a profound change in your thinking and give you valuable insight into the direction you are heading.

Use it when you not sure which way to go … are going round in circles … or are wanting to make the best choice.

Its time to apply one of the most powerful mantras I have in my mantra toolbox.

I think you are ready for this one …

cheesy grin


“Follow the grin”



*Mantra for Today – showing up

This mantra is for when you have something big coming up. Always remember these three simple directions. Nothing more is required!

do your best


(what needs to be done)

Show up

(be present)

Do my best

(nothing more or less)

* Mantra for Today – join in

I have a white board full of short inspirations and reminders that work well for me at work and in life.  This mantra is for when I find myself being critical and holding back.

Why not put this one in your pocket and take it along with you today 🙂


Notice judgment

Let it go

Open heart

Join in