* Awakening Before Dawn

dawn awaken

Gentle awakening before dawn

Lingering tranquil shades of grey

Enveloping warmth 

Soft familiar smells

Breathing it all in

Light probing gently

Easing slowly into the day

Knowing you are home

is the most precious way to be

* Inspiration – the time is ripe

The time is ripe.
Before the pause of winter notice the shifting winds, perspectives and possibilities. 
Flowers bloom on lengthy stems reaching for the light.
Bees seize quickly the last of the nectar.
Crickets chirp loudly looking for connection.
Spiders create luminous webs to capture and inspire. 
Sunshine becomes luminous in the low sky, casting intriguing shadows and patterns of light.

There is an expansion of energy as nature rises in her glorious maturity, and we step in to harvest and enjoy her generous bounty.

Its a time to celebrate… feed our souls… and bring about the changes we yearn for in our lives.

* Lighten Up – death and whisky

whisky and gravestone

The elderly Scottish Laird lay near death and called his faithful manservant to his bedside to hear his final request.

“Hamish,” he said, “When I’m gone I want you to take that bottle of single malt Scottish whisky that’s been in the family for thirty years and pour it over my grave.”

“Certainly Sir,” replied the servant in his thick brogue, “But do ye mind if I filter it through me kidneys first?”

… Now that’s a canny man!

This is for all the humorous folk in Scotland who always have time for some banter ☺️

* Back from Travels

Firth of Forth

Thrill of adventure
Joy and anticipation
Going with the flow.

Accept the ego’s
controlling reassurance
Bowing to the new.

Growing horizons
Loving moments filled with joy.
Travel from the soul.

All behind me now
The old world out of balance
To be born anew

In the Middle Ground.

It was a great trip, with some wonderful times with family. I’m looking forward to catching my breath and catching up over the next few days. xo

* Haiku – travel

Val in Siena


Adventure and love

Where ever I may travel

Moments like jewels 


I will be on vacation in Scotland and then Italy for the next two weeks. I will not be posting while I am away and will have limited access to the internet.

See you on the flip side! 😍

* Overseers of comings and goings

Overseers of comings and goings,

people gatherings, dogs doing their business.

There’s nothing behind the alert blankness

Yet their presence is here

A part of the landscape.

Contributors to play and lightness.

They move at night you know!

sheep in the garden

I love my sheep.

The Duty of Kindness to Strangers

Sharon over at a Leaf in Springtime has captured so beautifully the essence of kindness to strangers, 3 year olds and the plight of migrants. ❤️

A Leaf in Springtime

DSC00027 - copy2

One quiet summer afternoon, several years ago, when my son was three years old, we went to the local neighbourhood library. There he played happily with a huge pirate ship set out on a low table filled with colourful blocks and wooden puzzles at the children’s section.

Soon a little girl his age came along and as they played side by side, my young child turned and gave her a hug as a sign of his affection and friendship. The little girl froze and let out a piercing scream. Stunned, my son stumbled back, his little face quivering with confusion as he battled with his own tears.

Helpless, I looked to the little girl’s mother who was nearby, hoping that she would reassure her screaming child nothing untoward had happened. Instead, the mother simply turned towards me and declared, “I have taught my child that no stranger should ever touch…

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