Did You Have a Middle Ground Moment Today?

Middle Ground moments are moments of mindful awareness where thoughts and time are set aside and we connect to our inner sense of being.

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It isn’t about what we are doing … its our relationship with what we are doing and how it makes us feel.

images Family timeExperiencing the feeling of being in that moment and connecting to a contented timeless space within us.

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Take a moment and recall a time when you felt content and at peace. Instead of focusing on what you were doing, recall the feeling inside. Give it a name.

During the days ahead, whenever you notice becoming stressed or irritated or angry, remember that feeling always lies within you. You can reclaim it for yourself when you practice being present and choose to find your middle ground.


The Pendulums and Waves of Life

As far as I know there isn’t a Middle Ground Theory …. but I have a couple of ways of looking at it!

The first is the Pendulum of Life:
IMG_0680The pendulum of life often swings from extreme highs to lows. Your middle ground is when it is closest to the ground, instead of being up in the air and out of touch. When you slow down and find your feet, you step on to your middle ground. In the pendulum of life there is always movement.

Take a moment and notice where you might be on life’s pendulum right now.

The second approach I call the Waves of Life:


Sound waves and ocean waves naturally crest and and fall. In the flow of the movement they pass through an undisturbed position. Waves can’t rest here, but we can. We have a choice. We can slow down and not let our emotions and thinking take us on a crazy roller coaster ride.

Most people think they must ride the crest of the waves in order to be happy and try to stay there in order to avoid the toughs. Their middle ground gets overlooked, but its the place when there is no disturbance.

Take a moment and consider your own attitude towards these highs and lows, and the part the middle ground plays in your life.

Please feel free to share your perspective too!

What is your Middle Ground?

I wanted my first posts to start to explore this journey of connecting to our middle ground….. and hey presto! Coach Michael Neill’s newsletter came into my inbox.


I love Michael’s perspective:

“There is a deeper part of all of us that seems to exist outside of any concerns we may have about our past, present, or future circumstances. Most people seem to experience this part of themselves as a quiet feeling – a sense that all is well and of being deeply connected to the world and the people around them.

In the moments when we are in touch with this deeper self, we have access to an inner wisdom that guides us moment by moment. Life seem simpler and more intuitive then when we’re living out of the suitcase of old ideas and theories inside our heads. Challenges don’t seem so challenging; problems dis-solve before we can solve them; inspired ideas and insights are our constant companions. From this place inside of ourselves, we can and do take on the world, all the while realizing that there’s nowhere we need to go and nothing we need to accomplish to be happy, loved, and whole.”

There are many ways to look at your Middle Ground. Others give it other names … but when you find it you know it, and you experience it in your own way.


“Life is …

“Life is a series of highs and lows. Be grateful for the highs. Be graceful in the lows. Find contentment in your middle ground”

I woke up one morning with these words in my mind. If you are coaching client  or are a student in one of my yoga classes, then you’ve probably heard them before.

It is the very essence of my own life. As a coach and yoga teacher, I guide others to find their own middle ground.

In this place we can nourish and replenish ourselves. Feel grounded and strong. Find compassion and peace of mind.

From your middle ground comes personal growth, creativity, courage, and awakening to a new way of living and being in the world.

This blog is a way to share my own experiences, knowledge and resources with others on this path called life.

Welcome aboard!

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