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I am inspired by the season of Winter and the Water Element in Chinese medicine. For the yogis here, please join me via Zoom for a Yin and Qi Gong inspired Mid Winter retreat, with time for relaxation and inner reflection.

"Sometimes we just need time 
to pause, feel, and let go
of what no longer nourishes us,
and find a way to flow
around obstacles.
Cultivating the Spirit of Water
we learn to let go and allow
tension to release, like 
ice melting into water."

 In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Water element is associated with the season of Winter. The inner quality of Water is its adaptability, endurance, and the strength of its reserves.

In this Find Your Middle Ground Mid Winter retreat you will:
• Pause, reflect and journal; honoring where you are and listening inwards for your own intuitive guidance.
• Practice supportive Yin Yoga postures that open up the Kidney and Bladder energy channels in this season where water flows, adaptability and reserves are so important.
• Explore Yang postures and Qi Gong to keep the energy flowing!
• Come to rest with a nourishing Yoga Nidra.

This workshop is suitable for every body with some yoga experience. If you have any questions, please reach out directly to Val.

Suggested donation is $20-$30 via PayPal or Venmo
The private Zoom link will be sent to participants beforehand. 

7 comments on “💦 MID-WINTER YOGA RETREAT 💦

  1. Val,
    What a wonderful offering. I know that many will benefit from your calm and healing presence.

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  2. Jeanne Griffin

    This yoga and Qigong mini retreat sounds lovely. Unfortunately I’m not available Saturday. Leaving for a Steamboat Springs, CO ski trip that morning!!

    Jeanne 🙏 Sent from my iPhone



  3. Looking forward to this experience, Val. 🙏💕

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