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You are not your thoughts
Discover what’s beyond them
Find Your Middle Ground


One of the biggest steps towards awakening on the spiritual path is to realize that we are not our thoughts. When we sit quietly we begin to notice that our thoughts come and go. We are not the thoughts themselves, and we learn to witness them, our beliefs and the stories we create about the world.

As long as we believe that what we think and believe is the truth, we will stay in an unawakened state. In yoga this is called Avidya, or ignorance.

This is especially hard right now, with all the conflicting stories, beliefs and versions of the truth that we are being exposed to.

Taking time to pause before reacting to whatever you are reading or watching is key. This is when you can step back and see if this is true or not. It may be contrary to what you believe, and therefore you think is wrong. Or it may be exactly what you think, and it becomes the truth.

Be discerning rather than judging right or wrong.

This is a time to become a witness to our thoughts and stories, and our own susceptibility and gullibility as a human being.


26 comments on “Haiku – beyond thoughts

  1. Beautiful
    Stay wealthy healthy safe and happy


  2. Lovely post, Val. A good reminder for these tough days and every day.

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  3. Wise words, Val, and much appreciated. There is a lot of false information and hot tempers right now. Just taking a moment to pause before reacting, as well as examining our thoughts, can only improve a situation.

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  4. I find that Centering Prayer is very helpful.

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  5. Sit back.
    Enjoy the show.

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  6. I was ever so grateful to the college instructor who taught me this. Changed a lot for me.

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  7. Being a human is a challenging venture. Practices are so important for returning to center…and the human parts of us, often deeply affected by all of the energy, are still human, and have to sit with that, too. Thank you, Val.

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    • Thank you Carrie. πŸ’› May we find balance between what we believe, and learn to breathe and let go into the center of our being. This is my practice these days.

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      • Yes, Val. As a Libra, the sign of extremes, center and balance has been a lifelong quest. I learned that I must also find comfort in the two seeming opposite feelings. My deepest comfort is in my center.

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  8. Another great reminder from you. Thank you Val. Your words are a comfort.

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  9. a void
    and learn
    seep and creep
    towards the white light of truth

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  10. A great reminder to be repeated!

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