Sharing the inspiration from Monday’s class and photos from Chanticleer garden today.

This is what I have to say to you. Open to the living lineage of Light. Visible or invisible, the truth is alive right now, and you can embody what you are by aligning with that power.

Open to the grace of all the ages flowing through you like a raging river or an underground stream trickling into caves and dark places. Your initiation awaits you in a dream or in the flesh. Do not doubt your experience, but go forth in glory to serve the timeless and the time-bound with equal parts enthusiasm, wisdom and strength.

~ Danna Faulds. Taken from “Limitless” New Poems and Other Writings


About Val Boyko

Val Boyko is originally from Scotland and came to the United States over 25 years ago. At "Find Your Middle Ground" Val brings together her experience as a life coach, yoga teacher and mentor, to inspire awakening to the light and inspiration within us all. This blog is a place of exploration and discovery as we all explore finding harmony and peace, in the highs and lows of life šŸ’›

14 comments on “Inspiration – Open

  1. Do not doubt your experience, but go forth in glory – I love this. Beautiful post.

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  2. Ah, Chanticleer. One of the gardens that is definitely on my bucket list. I’ve heard such wonderful things about it. Your images are gorgeous! One day I’ll get there!

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  3. Universal wisdom šŸ™šŸ»


  4. My wife and I were just at Chanticleer last week. Beautiful as always!

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  5. I appreciate you for sharing these pictures. Looks so calm and beautiful. LOVE the last line, may we all go forth with equal parts enthusiasm, wisdom, and strength.

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  6. Wonderful photos and words. It is amazing just how stunning plants can be. Wishing you a beautiful day.


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