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So many of us spend our time taking care of others. Our relationships have become ones of giving and supporting those closest to us.

And then we forget how to take care of ourselves.

When we think of taking care of ourselves, the inner critic tells us it is selfish and self indulgent to put our own needs first.  It reminds us of how we want to be seen by others… as caring supportive and kind. Never selfish and self absorbed.

We see ourselves based on the roles we have played. It’s easy to become chained to these supportive and caring roles of the past.

Somewhere along the way we lose touch with who we are. The choices we make become based on the needs of others, and our own needs are buried and hidden in a stuffed aching drawer inside of us.

I came across these words that feel authentic and true.

“Self indulgence is different from self care. Self indulgence feeds the sense of being a separate self. When we become self indulgent, our life is about the little separate me…

Self care means that we listen to our core needs, set reasonable boundaries with others, and live in balance. It also means that we question our limiting beliefs that create suffering for ourselves and others. It means that we live in a growing integrity with a deeper truth that we are not separate from anyone. Genuine self care frees us to be more selfless.”

~ John J Prendergast from “In Touch”

We know not to listen to the voice of self indulgence. Yet we must learn to listen to the voice that counsels compassion and care for our true being. Caring for our deepest sense of Being in the world.

Genuine self care brings life into balance and opens our heart to ourselves. With an open heart we open a door to recognizing and bringing compassion to the world.  This is the way to real freedom and awakening to the connectivity of us all.


20 comments on “Caring For Ourselves

  1. It is so important not to forget this and so easy to put ourselves last

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  2. I try to tell my father this all of the time.

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    • It’s not easy when those we love are so set in their ways and conditioning ❣️just bring as much love and understanding as you can. They will feel it, and that’s the most important thing .

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  3. You are Right… Self Care is very Important thing. ❤


  4. A beautiful way to remind us of the importance of self care as an important beginning our true loving care for others. 🙏🏻💜

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  5. SO good, Val! I needed this today, thank you! 💚

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  6. I am finding this a very important reminder. Self care and drawing boundaries around our wellbeing is so much essential for all involved and also those that are used to being in the caring roles for others – it is often so easier said than done.

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  7. I like Prendergast’s distinction between the two, an important clarification. It reminds me of the phrase that came from air stewards, “Place the mask on yourself first, then you can help others…”

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  8. We can’t help others if we’re not well or physically able, so it makes sense to keep abreast of our own health first – mental, physical & spiritual.
    It doesn’t stop you from having compassion and caring for those around us.

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  9. Great advice – share teh ebst of you not what’s left of you.
    Thank you!

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  10. Charity begins at home…

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  11. The fact that genuine self care brings balance is all that is needed to do everything in the best way. 👍

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