Inspiration – Lighthouse Keeping

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On Sunday I spent some time with Ali Grimshaw’s writing circle and once again, enjoyed being with like minded souls as we explored poetry together. You can find out more on Ali’s blog

The inspiration was a poem called “Lighthouse Keeping” by Kay Ryan

This is what I wrote:

Know that we are
keepers of the light

Holding space and
reaching out to those
in darkened places.

Its not our job
to judge, advise, fix
or rescue others.

Our calling is to keep
the light shining
within ourselves and

bring it to the world,
to keep us all afloat.

I wrote this for all of us who have experienced struggling and being in the dark. After all, we all go through the pendulum of life. Never doubt that within you, the light is still there. As long as you live, it is within you. Your job is to keep connecting to it, so you can continue to shine in the world, and keep us all afloat.


41 thoughts on “Inspiration – Lighthouse Keeping

  1. I liked very much your poem.

    “Our calling is to keep
    the light shining
    within ourselves and

    bring it to the world,
    to keep us all afloat.”

    I work from the side that the spirit “needs” places to live among humanity, in order to touch those ones that are not in direct contact with it.
    So if you do your inner work, in a way you are opening that space for the spirit to reside in, you give it another place from where to spread, like a candle that lights another candle.

    There`s a song of Dead Can Dance, an amazing Australian group in my opinion, that have a phrase that says:
    “we form the road for the spirit to pass over”,
    I think is in the spirit chaser album, a truly great album.
    I love that phrase since the first time I hear it.

    I liked your poem very much, thanks for sharing it.
    Keep shining, and letting the spirit reside in you.

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  2. Exactly. In answer to my perpetual question, ‘what in the hell am I doing here?’ the other day the answer was, ‘purifying the collective.’ Kind of makes a person want to monitor those thoughts a little bit better. Well done, Val. πŸ™πŸ’ž

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