Poetry Inspiration – from David Whyte

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Last Sunday I had the opportunity of joining a writing circle on Zoom facilitated by Ali Grimshaw. I’m not sure if I see myself as a writer or a poet, but I was very curious to explore whatever came up!

My sincere thanks to Ali and the others for being in community in such a supportive and loving way. We came together as if we already knew one another, listened fully as the words came forth, and literally opened our hearts. It was an inspiring experience and I would recommend this to anyone interested in reflective writing and poetry from the heart. You can also find Ali’s poetry on her WordPress blog FlashLight Batteries. I look forward to jumping in again.

These are the inspiring words from David Whyte that resonated with me:

"We shape our self
to fit this world

and by the world
are shaped again"

~ David Whyte,  taken from Working Together

I wrote:

We are born into
a world already 
formed by people 
with their roles,
ideas, and 
ways of being. 
We rely on them 
to keep us safe.

We adopt the views 
on life through the 
eyes of others
to fit this world, 
and be safe.

Then comes a time
when it fits no more.
From comfort
to irritation, 
like a hair shirt 
that itches and 
rubs the neck raw.
Was it just in
a blink of an eye?

We have grown,
but have yet to learn
life's real lesson.

The world is always 
at work, shaping us, 
giving us hair shirts,
and messages that 
go unnoticed 
until we wake up.

Then we realize we 
have to take off 
the clothes of 
conformity and 
discover our truth.

In the shedding 
we allow ourselves
to be shaped anew.

~ Val Boyko

55 thoughts on “Poetry Inspiration – from David Whyte

  1. Lovely poem Val. It resonates.

    I love Ali’s circles. I have been in a Wednesday night circle with the same group of women since November. It’s always inspiring, compelling and refreshing – and yes, it’s amazing how quickly one can dive deep.

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  2. Val, Love your poem. It resonates with me. Hard to believe that I ever summoned the courage to move away from something that I once believed so fully, But the hair shirt kept scratching until I was able to listen to my heart. Your words, “taking off the clothes of conformity” succinctly state what allowed me to see a new horizon. Thank you for sharing – may you have many more words of wisdom to inspire.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your words from your heart. I felt those words!
    When I think of the role our heart plays within us, receiving and giving of life, I see the same flow of an abundant life outside, when we create from our hearts.
    I have recently been introduced to the work of David Whyte and am excited to learn more.

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  5. Val, I loved listening to you read it…and I’m grateful to see it here. It allows me to linger while I reflect on the power and broad meaning of your beautiful writing here. I’m grateful to have shared that experience with you. πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ»

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  6. Val,
    I can’t believe I missed this post until today. I guess I was meant to find it now. It is such an honor to hold space for others as their words arrive on the page. Thank you for the opportunity to hear your words and for sharing them here with others.
    This is the part of your poem that I want to reflect back to you,
    “In the shedding
    we allow ourselves
    to be shaped anew.”
    I love how your poem speaks of growth.
    This part especially speaks to me. I have been stretching myself to learn and heal my past while stepping forward into a future unrecognizable. It is a worthwhile journey, and it takes getting back up over and over. I appreciate your wisdom and love as I journey forward.
    Happy Valentine’s Day! May love surround you.

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