Wisdom in Changing Times

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“We tend to lose interest in more superficial, less authentic ways of being together. We invest less energy in our self-limiting stories, as well as the self limiting stories of others. Personal dramas, gossip, and projections tend to fall away, and we spend less time ruminating about the past, or anticipating the imagined future. We are more at ease with silence and don’t feel compelled to fill the gaps. We realize that we don’t need to leave our self in order to meet someone else. In fact, we come to see that until we are at home in our self, we can’t truly connect with others.

When there is nothing to prove or disprove about our self, we are more in the present moment, enjoying what is here now. There is creative space for sharing and discovery. Out ordinary life continues, but our relationship to our life becomes increasingly more spacious and open.”

John J Prendergast. Taken from The Deep Heart Our Portal to Presence

These words come from John J Prendergast’s transformational book The Deep Heart, and refer to the awakening process.

What struck me as I read this, was how many people may also be having a similar experience during the pandemic. I know that I have spent so much more time in self isolation and being in nature. Despite the turmoil and chaos of the external world, there has been a settling and expansion of my inner world.

When we slow down, pause and take time to simply be in silence, we may discover deeper or hidden aspects of ourselves.

Some of us may think there is something wrong. After all, we are not the way we were before. But the reality is, that something unfamiliar is taking place that wants our attention.

It’s time to let go of the familiar and open to what is arising.


32 thoughts on “Wisdom in Changing Times

  1. Yes! I have empathy for those who are struggling, but there are times when I know that this forced isolation has brought me so much. I can’t help but think that I am so much better equipped to deal with all of this now than I would have been say 10 years ago.
    Sending lots of blessings ❀

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  2. Though-provoking post Val! There are two ways of facing the crises – wallow in self-pity or absorb the given and interpret it in a positive manner. Probably our brains are tuned in a specific manner, that’s why people react differently. Gathering wisdom from circumstances is a better way to understand… “middle ground” is always the best! Solitude is blissful if we know how to handle it.

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  3. But the reality is, that something unfamiliar is taking place that wants our attention. That says it all. I’ve been observing for a while now. Staying out of the fray. This has been coming for a while. Watching it unfold makes me want to stay longer to see what happens next.

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  4. I loved your post and appreciate each line you write. I can relate to the experience. When all seems to have reshuffled outwardly, there is indeed a lot of inward settling in and expansion. This is often not without discomfort. I feel like I had been through my personal time of isolation way before 2020 so this experience and the perceived chaos felt very familiar to me. So I could further immerse myself in it knowing it is all such perfect design and there is beauty emerging on the other side always.

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  5. I’m fine with the dialled back feeling…I can be introverted and I’m grateful for where I’m at…other than -31πŸ€ͺ here I feel the pandemic will lead to further social justice issues…we will need creatives and imagery to see what will be possible…I appreciate your calm words Val thank you ☺️ πŸ™

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