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Rest in this moment

It just takes a breath or two

Find Your Middle Ground


This is what I have to say to you today.

Take a moment to step away from it all.

Breathe in the Prana and goodness from nature and absorb the energy from the sun.

Take care of what you eat so it nourishes your very soul as well as the body.

Gaze upon the beauty around you and those you love.

Touch an other with love and appreciation.


This is a time for deep self care to nurture every part of our Being.

Pause and find your middle ground.



To find out more about finding your middle ground click here

32 comments on “Haiku – rest in this moment

  1. Thank you, Val.

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  2. and with the weather here today, it’s a perfect time to find our middle ground…

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  3. Perfect message always, but “extra perfect” today and in the next couple, perhaps.

    I’ve had music going most of the day and done what I could to tune it ALL out. Thank you, Val!

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  4. Yep.
    The world will remain spinning on it’s axis.

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  5. A message well suited to these times, Val. Spending extra time outdoors, away from the ‘noise’ right now… Wishing you a peaceful weekend…

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  6. It’s amazing how restorative slow deep breathing can be. 😀

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  7. Breathing extra-deeply these days. 😉

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  8. My goodness–I think we’re thinking along the same lines! Breathing with you today. ❤

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  9. There is Something with Park benches that keep circling. 😁

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  10. How peaceful to read. This is surely time for self care and extending as much love to other.

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  11. I needed to read this! Lovely words!! Perfect haiku!!! 💕👍

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