End of a Season


End of a season

Chanticleer, the final tour

Find Your Middle Ground


Walking in Chanticleer has helped me to connect to nature and a sense of wholeness in times of disintegration. It has brought peace and balance into my days, especially those when I am not teaching yoga. Yesterday was cool and glorious, the last day of this season. I am a little sad, but filled with gratitude to have such beauty on my doorstep.

I’m not sure what will replace it until the garden opens again in the Spring… but I’ll keep you posted!

33 thoughts on “End of a Season

  1. It is lovely, Val! And I don’t know if you noticed, but you captured a little scary Halloween in the last photo of the trees…they look a little goblinish!
    Your photos remind me of living up north…everything here is so different. I love it all, and being in nature is so, so important. I walked on the beach with bare feet today. The ocean had a bit of an attitude compared to a day ago when she was serene…and mellow. And I thought, “What a difference a day makes.” We all know too well that life can change in one moment!
    Sending lots of love and good energy for a wonderful week. Stay safe…be well! ❀

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