Judgment and Love

let go of judgment

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

~ Mother Theresa

No matter how much many of us think we ‘shouldn’t’ judge, we are so conditioned to do so that without increasing our self-awareness, we will not only judge one another but we will continually judge ourselves and even our judgments.

When we judge others in a way of either good and bad, or right and wrong, we are essentially setting ourselves up as moral arbiters, claiming we know what the world is supposed to be like. How ridiculous and presumptive! But the impact is even more damaging.

Judging inflates our egos and makes us feel self righteous, and in doing so, it condemns others. This is the flame that fuels discrimination, conflict and violence in society today.

Mother Theresa’s simple words remind us how judging keeps us separate from others, and closes our hearts.

It’s time toย let judgments go and make time for understanding and love.



26 thoughts on “Judgment and Love

  1. It is too true that it’s hard to turn off that judgement! But I love the Mother Theresa quote and it’s absolutely essential to me to try to live up to them! This is a lovely effort and reminder, Val. Thank you!

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  2. This is a post I could and should read every month ~ it is amazing how much happier and simple life becomes when we hold back on judgements and instead try to understand. Wish you a great spring, Val. Take care ~


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