Chant for Peace with Tina Turner

Raise your voice for peace

This is a re-post. I feel like singing and bringing my voice to the world. Please join me and Tina Turner and friends chanting for peace. I love this video.

Meaning of the words:


Sarvesham= all/ everything;

Svastir = health/well-being;

Bhavatu = let be, may there be;



44 thoughts on “Chant for Peace with Tina Turner

  1. How beautiful, Val! It’s funny how I felt there was something for me on your blog, came here and found this! Magical. Peace doesn’t need to be elusive, we can achieve it together.

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  2. Dear Val,
    I got Tears in my Eyes.
    It was as if there came PEACE all over the World through the Voice of TINA TURNER,
    through the eyes and faces of all those CHILDREN.
    I am also happy it came through YOUR BLOG.
    Om! Shanti !! Shanti !!! Shanti Hi !!!!

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