To be peace

I love this refection for today and every day. Choose how you want to be, and then do the doing, otherwise you will feel overwhelmed.


When you are feeling overwhelmed, you’re trying too hard.

That kind of energy does not help the other person and it does not help you. You should not be too eager to help right away. There are two things, to be and to do. Don’t think too much about to do – to be is first. To be peace. To be joy. And then to do joy, to do happiness – on the basis of being. Being fresh. Being peaceful. Being compassionate. This is the basic practice. It’s like a person sitting at the foot of a tree. The tree does not have to do anything, but the tree is fresh and alive. When you are like that tree, sending out waves of freshness, you help to calm down the suffering in the other person.

Thich Nhat Hanh, Be Beautiful, Be yourself

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22 thoughts on “To be peace

    • Thank you Mary 💛
      It made me pause when I read “trying too hard” as the cause of overwhelm. Many of us grew up with advice to try our best … and tried too hard and feeling overwhelmed was often the result for me!

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  1. This post has been in my mind every day since I read it. Clearly it’s my Self’s recurring message, another iteration of “the epic battle between Mary & Martha” post which I wrote back in 2014. Thanks Val for renewing the message.

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