Every Possibility

every possibility

Amid the thousand fears
that flesh is heir to, there
is also peace. When I
look beneath the boulder
of anxiety, the mountain
of my doubt, I find the
shining silence, and rest
until my being vibrates
with only one note.
This is what I bring into
my day, the wordless
sound of all creation,
the empty space of
every possibility poised
and ready to take shape.

~ Danna Faulds

22 thoughts on “Every Possibility

  1. I really do feel for those with whom anxiety is as close as breath. I’ve got friends like this. I think we all hum with a certain existential anxiety, but these people seem to possess an inordinate amount. I want to say to them, just breathe, settle into your feet, move with intention, get active while being mindful, embrace the physical solidity of all you encounter. But I realize it’s not that easy for many. So it’s good to have many voices, many reminders. Every day, every moment. Aloha ❀

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    • You make a valid observation Bela. People who are constantly in their active minds, tend to lose connection to their body, and the ability to become centered. I would want to say exactly the same thing … and I get to do it teaching yoga. I am so grateful I can help them shift their “Hum” to Aum. πŸ˜‰
      Aloha πŸ™

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