Let’s embrace all part of ourselves today, especially our imperfections 💛

Find Your Middle Ground

It’s time to give up the illusion of being perfect and accept our human nature.

“There are no perfect human beings! Persons can be found who are good, very good indeed, in fact, great. There do in fact exist creators, seers, sages, saints, shakers, and movers…even if they are uncommon and do not come by the dozen. And yet these very same people can at times be boring, irritating, petulant, selfish, angry, or depressed. To avoid disillusionment with human nature, we must first give up our illusions about it.”

Abraham Maslow from Motivation and Personality

So what?…

So expect others to have their good days and bad days.

So give yourself a break when you are not feeling on top of the world all the time.

So let go of the illusion – the beliefs about how you “should” be, and how others “should” be.

Accept that life is a…

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23 comments on “* There Are No Perfect Human Beings

  1. The highs and lows are always with us. Ride them out! 🙂 Thanks for this reminder, Val!

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  2. It’s good to remember that people we look to for advice like doctors, lawyers, friends, etc. are only people. They too can be wrong. We shouldn’t be so surprised.

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  3. What? I’m not perfect!? Ha and this week my sister and I discussed this exact topic. Trying to do and be too much, always gets us into trouble 😎 Thanks Val

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    • Such an interesting point Cate. Yes we do trust in people of status or authority and can easily put them on pedestals. Perhaps this is a hang over from being so impressed by “big people” when we were little. But for whatever reason, I agree that we must see the warts of being human… And accept that we are all falable, even with the best intentions and skills.


    • Sorry Karen, I got out of synch In responding to Cate.
      Thank you for sharing your perspective and conversation with your sister.
      Trying to do and be too much is always interesting when we ask … For whom? And if it isn’t for ourself, what is the cost?
      Of course, sisters will usually get into trouble together anyway 😉

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  4. Wonderful words of wisdom, Val. Striving for perfection is exhausting. ❤

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    • Great point Jill! When we see how futile it is to strive for the unattainable, and realize how much it costs us … we can choose another direction for our energy.
      Hopefully it is a direction that will nourish ourselves and support others too 💕

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  5. Maslow had it right oh so long ago. Brilliant man. I loved this reminder.

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  6. Well, I’m “boring, irritating, petulant, selfish, angry, and depressed.” So things are looking good! 🙂

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  7. So true, Val. It’s easy to forget that everyone is human and vulnerable, despite appearances and achievements.

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  8. Thank you for this perfect break from perfectionism, Val. ❤

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  9. I agree. With the popularity of social media, the highly impossible dream of perfection seems attainable through careful planning , but the truth is still clear.

    Thank you for this reminder 🙂

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  10. Sometimes I look at this from another perspective – while I might not be “perfect” because I’m still growing, I can be in the “perfect” place all the time. Here is a quote from a poet I admire, Mark Nepo – “For the flower, it is fully open at each step of its blossoming.” It’s just a different way of looking at the same concept. Wonderful post!

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