* Tao Inspiration ☯ – Follow the Current

River of Life

River Of Life by Heather Hennick

Tao is the unknowable fundamental of the universe.

Follow its current,

And it is the source of joy and wonder.

Fight against it,

And it is merely a refuge.

Eloquent words and admirable deeds yield profit,

But those lacking such things, do they not come from Tao as well?

Your greatest gift is to be a conduit for Tao.*

~ Lao Tzu


The last line really resonated today. To be a conduit of the goodness and wholeness of our very nature would be the best gift for all of us to share.


*Braun Jr., John; Tzu, Lao; von Bargen, Julian; Warkentin, David (2012-12-02). Tao Te Ching (Kindle Locations 836-842). . Kindle Edition.

20 thoughts on “* Tao Inspiration ☯ – Follow the Current

  1. The last line resonated for me to, Val. It reminds me of what a teacher once told me – to “be a hollow flute.”

    That way, I think, Tao or Love can flow through and express through you in your own unique song.

    Thanks Val. great way to start the morning.


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