* Its Time to Let Go

time to let go


Know in this moment

Life is about letting go

without resistance.


With every exhale,

As you fall asleep at night,

You follow life’s flow.


Stop resisting life

and holding on so tightly.

Its time to let go.


As the last leaves seem to cling to the trees, I wonder what I am still holding on to.

This is the time to recognize what we are resisting and allow ourselves to go with the natural flow of life … by letting go.

51 responses to “* Its Time to Let Go

  1. Hi Val, this makes me think of the extent to which there are such valiant attempts to keep people alive when everything says that it is time to let them go. (I know this is probably not what you were driving at but it’s an issue that has special meaning for me.)

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  2. Beautiful post, Val. It’s such a weird synchronicity. I took a picture of the exact same thing and was going to talk about it in my next post saying something similar. Your picture is much better. Haha. You know what they say about great minds. I may still use it. It is different enough, just funny.

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    • Thanks Diana! So good to see you here! I think we get bent because our beliefs get in the way. We pay more attention to our thinking than to nature or our deeper wisdom. πŸ’›


  3. Ah! Val! It can be so freeing…so liberating!! It would seem as a species that we are much more adept at holding on for dear life when the answer is…simply to let go. What amazes me is that it is a constant process…when I feel heavy I know that I am holding on to something…making my, so to speak, load heavier.

    I wish you the beautiful feeling of lightness…that you always know what and when to let go! Happy Thanksgiving my friendβ™‘

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    • Thank you Lorrie for your insight into holding on and the heaviness it can create. There is much relief in letting go when we trust it is the right time, like nature ❀️
      Happy Thanksgiving week to you!

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  4. Wonderful poem, Val! A similar thought crossed my mind when I saw a HUGE orange/red leaf on the ground at the salt marsh today. Unlike other (still green) leaves it had let go, and became beautiful. Great reminder!

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