Month: August 2015

* From Awareness to World Peace

To meditate is simply to take time to be aware. When we pause in mindfulness, we open up awareness to new insights about ourselves and life. Our awareness expands beyond our own thoughts, beliefs and feelings, and taps into a deeper consciousness. There is…

* First Step to Forgiveness

So many of life’s experiences challenge us and give us the opportunity to learn and grow – especially in relationship to others and getting to know our authentic selves. As we grow in awareness, we take responsibility for all our experiences and our feelings….

* Making Friends with our Emotions

I am grateful to work with clients who want to find their middle ground. A big part of this is becoming aware of what gets in the way and making friends with our emotions.  This poem by Chade Meng Tan is taken from his…

Nurturing Thursday – Letting Go

“Sometimes letting go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on” ~ Eckhart Tolle Letting go can be more powerful that putting our energy into defending or hanging on… yet it is often hard to do. Sometimes we don’t realize…

* Pondering – Problems and Mind

    “All supposed problems are of the mind. What is mind? Mind is a collection of thoughts. Where are the problems when they are not thought about?” “The most efficient means to destroy any problem is to ignore the problem. In the absence…

Harmony of Being: Returning to our True Nature by Steve Taylor.

Originally posted on Evolutionary_Mystic Post:
Originally published in Natural Health magazine, 2012. From time to time, we all have experiences when restlessness and discontent fade away, and we’re filled with a sense of ease, well-being and harmony. We become free of pressure to…

Small Gestures

Originally posted on LIVING IN THIS MOMENT:
“It is a serious thing, just to be alive on this fresh morning, in this broken world.” ~ Mary Oliver Years ago, I sat down for lunch, next to a young villager in India, I asked this…

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