* Being There is Enough

being there

Sometimes all we can do is to be there for the other person …
Being present to their inner state, without judgment or temptation to fix.
Setting aside our own personal needs and urges to make things different or somehow “better”.
Attempting to evaluate the pieces and mould them into solutions that make sense.

In this place of being there, allow the strategic mind to quieten and open your heart.
Simply be with them in a shared sense of aching humanity.

In this vulnerable place, the life energy that flows through us all begins to expand and flow.
This knowing presence that acknowledges the sadness, loss and yearning.

Remember, within all of us is a deep longing for love and wholeness.
Trust that when you touch this tender place, the life energy will awaken and transform us all.
Let it flow.

All is well in its presence.


*Thanks to the work of Robert Gonzales and the NVC Living Compassion tribe ❤️



23 thoughts on “* Being There is Enough

  1. Very beautifully stated Val; you describe presence as a gift, which, as the old play on words implies, it most certainly is. Our attempts at intervention, well-intentioned though they may be, can sometimes act as an emotional drain upon the person in need. A quiet, supportive presence, on the other hand, can give strength and bring a degree of tranquillity to the afflicted. Words can of course help at times, yet do so most effectively in support of our compassionate presence, rather than as a substitute for it.

    H ❤

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    • Thank you Hariod for your reflection. 💛 Instead of intervention, we can empathize and tune in to the other as a quiet support presence. In my experience, there can be an other more spiritual element that makes itself known as an energetic shift in the body and a sense of knowing that all is okay. xo

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  2. Reminds me of a friend that called as I was dealing with the loss of my brother, and she said “I don’t know what to say, but to just tell you I’m here” and that was just as meaningful as any of the other gestures I received. Sometimes just being there IS enough.

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