* Stuck in the Shallows

in shallow water

Some of us are stuck in the shallows
Where life has a cautious desperate rhythm, punctuated by bursts of pleasure and hurt.

There’s a loss of connection with the depth of our being.
Life has become the soap opera or media that we tune into.
The deep is too dangerous to acknowledge, let alone embrace.
We cling to the safety of the shallows.

We want to feel connection, yet can’t let go of controlling and comparing, resisting and resenting.
Life is filled with distractions, must-see t.v. and others agreeing this is the way it “should” be.
It is the shallow sea of a fearful and protective ego.

When you feel caught up like this, take time to pause.
Breathe fully and notice what is alive in you.

Listen for the vibration from the deep.
The untouched part of you that never changes.
Finding your middle ground is the gateway to a new depth of being and living fully.
The current may be strong and the transition may not be easy.

It takes courage to be the swimmer you are, to dive in and wake up.

Waking up

26 thoughts on “* Stuck in the Shallows

  1. Wonderful words, Val. It’s challenging to be around people we love when they seek constant admiration for each new pair of shoes . . . or desire that we mirror their shifting emotions (from glad to mad to sad) . . . or ask that we validate their daily choices of books, sports, movies, or “must see TV.”

    Here’s to diving DEEP . . . far below the distracting currents!

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  2. Val, what a powerful metaphor you paint through your words. A metaphor that may be extended.

    For it is only in the shallows that we sense, sense incorrectly, that we can resist the currents. In the deep waters we have no choice other than to allow the forces of life, the currents of fate, to carry us where they will.

    (Sorry if I got a little carried away; pardon the pun!)

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  5. This post speaks to me. I came over this morning from Nancy’s post with the link.
    “Some of us are stuck in the shallows
    Where life has a cautious desperate rhythm, punctuated by bursts of pleasure and hurt.” I get stuck… 🙂

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