Confidence is Very Attractive

Today’s mantra is for when you want to make a positive impact. If you are heading back to work after a break, or starting something new, this one is especially for you.

confidence is very attractive

Confidence is very attractive

This photograph reminds me of the times when we move from trying to become something, to embracing it fully. When we move from doubting or being insecure and then begin to own our abilities.

To me this puppy has progressed from learning to walk on his leash to knowing how to do it. He is owning it… and boy does he look good … and happy!

What a great lesson for all of us.

He is radiating joy in what he is doing and feeling good about himself.

He isn’t needing validation saying “Look at me.”

He isn’t doubting himself saying ย “I’m not sure if I am any good.”

He’s saying “I am me.”

This kind of “knowing” self confidence is so attractive – to others and to ourselves.

Knowing who you are – your strengths, needs and core values – are the foundations for building confidence, and becoming attractive to yourself and others.

36 thoughts on “Confidence is Very Attractive

  1. That is very clever Val; I would never have thought of using such an image to demonstrate a similar point, and yet it works absolutely perfectly. The puppy exhibits more than a merely endearing look or countenance, neither of which of themselves are necessarily attractive per se, but rather presents a poise and sure-pawedness ๐Ÿ˜‰ that most certainly is prepossessing. I always have thought that your own avatar projects an attractive self-assuredness; you appear within it very grounded and balanced if I may say so.


  2. Well that pup sure is attracting me… I want to scoop him up and snuggle the ever lovin’ heck outta him! So cute strutting his little confident self! โค


  3. hmm. i need to do that with driving. I have not driven on my own now for some ten years. I just have lost my confidence.. I feel like the puppy, dependent – not always a good feeling… thanks Eve

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