stillness of tao

Seek the reality of emptiness and stillness,
The great constants of existence.
Though life abounds, its creations rise and fall.
Eventually all return, in their own way, to Tao.

To return to Tao is to embrace stillness,
The relentless way of nature.
The flow of nature does not change.
To see its constancy is to know the intricacies of the ordinary,
Revealing patterns of the grand.

To ignore this constant is to mistake the eternal for the mundane,
Bringing unharmonious selfish action and discord,
Pathologies to humanity.

Accepting the constant means opening the mind.
This leads to compassion and impartiality,
A respect for all that Tao provides and takes away,
And an understanding that all return to the ultimate reality of Tao.

Life is fleeting, Tao is constant.*

Lao Tzu

There are no words for me to add to this today. This says it all.


*Braun Jr., John; Tzu, Lao; von Bargen, Julian; Warkentin, David (2012-12-02). Tao Te Ching (Kindle Locations 269-283). . Kindle Edition.

12 comments on “* Stillness of Tao

  1. Indeed … This is a beautifully poetic translation. ❤


  2. Thank you is all I can say. ❤


    • I posted this 12 hours ago … And I really appreciate the wisdom and call to stillness now. Thank you Louise for being a part of this inner shift 🙂


  3. Wonderful Val. Thanks.


  4. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    I love this piece. Back to the simplicity of who we are.


  5. Life is fleeting. The Tao constant, eternal.


  6. Carrie Cannady

    Stillness…yes. Namaste, dear Val.


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